Cost: Free
Win rate: 85%

Option Robot : Legit Money-maker or Scam? Review

Option Robot Review: Legit or Scam? When it comes to binary options trading applications, there is no shortage of apps to choose from. As saturated as [...] Read Full Review

Cost: Free
Win rate: 85%

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Gives traders partial control over trade executions
No criterion for choosing brokers
Uses regulated brokers
Gives traders partial control over trade executions
Uses regulated brokers
No criterion for choosing brokers


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Option Robot Review: Legit or Scam?

When it comes to binary options trading applications, there is no shortage of apps to choose from. As saturated as the market is with auto trading systems, the Option Robot still finds a way to stay on top. Evolution, uniqueness, and improvement keeps Option Robot floating stronger in spite of the competition. The application carved a name for itself and continued to do so.

Option Robot is a 100 percent automated platform that produces its high-quality signals and automatically executes trades directly to the investor’s broker account. The software generates signals from six market indicators each with its peculiar strengths and features so as to ensure maximum accuracy. It gives the investor the freedom to choose the indicators which will generate signals for their trades. Traders can choose only one, several, or even all the indicators. If you select more than one indicator, the software cannot place a trade if the signals generated by the indicators do not correlate. What this means is that all indicators have to produce ‘put’ signals for the application to place a trade. Doing this leaves a very little margin of error and contributes highly to the robot’s efficiency.

At this point, Option Robot works only with currency pairs. You can choose which currency pairs you will let the system trade in. You can choose one, a few or all the following USD/CAD, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and AUD/USD.

Is Option Robot Scam?

Option Robot app is not a scam. Why is Option Robot considered to be a legit software despite the proliferation of scam binary options software all over the place?

  • It boasts a high accuracy of 83 percent, which makes it one of the top robots available in the world today.
  • Everything about Option Robot is well put together, from an excellent customer service delivery to a wonderful website, and a superb software. It is a world class system that meets lots of expectations and delivers big time.
  • Option Robot is the total package; smart, efficient, and reliable. Everything about the application is systematic, including the trading process.
  • There are no photoshopped trade results, fake testimonials or paid actors providing fake reviews.


Option Robot Settings

The system executes trades based on one of the three under listed trading methods, chosen by the investor:

  • Fibonacci System. The Fibonacci system is ideal for investors who seek large payouts without high risks. The system increases trade size sequentially after each win (or loss). When you win, the profits are huge, but so are the losses when the reverse is the case.
  • Classic System. The classic system is the oldest and the most used in binary options trading. This is because the system is believed to much safer than the others. The payouts here are lower compared to the rest; lower risks mean lower returns. The system is considered the most secure of them all.
  • Martingale System. This system was designed for investors looking for quick profits. The Martingale System places higher risk trades with huge payout margins. Unless if you’re willing to take that chance, this system is not for you.

Option Robot also gives the investor the liberty to choose which brokers to register with as against having one pre-selected for them as is the case with a lot of other bots. The site has a demo account which opens on weekends when the financial markets are closed. While the real account makes use of the Reuters live feed, the demo version makes use of eToro live pricing feed, which serves as an excellent way to learn and test the workings of the application without any risk to your funds. The brokers list makes Option Robot all the more credible because all the agents are reputable and have created a good impression in the market over time – all CySec-approved. They include Stockpair, Banc de Binary, and 24Option, among others. This enables a user to trade in the knowledge that their investment is safe.

Option Robot Minimum Deposit

Visit www.Option and open a free account. Having filled in your information, submit and select a broker of your choice. Deposit the sum of $250 to enable you to begin trading. Trade and withdraw your earnings anytime you want to.

Option Robot is free to use. It is not every day that we see a great platform that is made available for use free of charge. You are only required to make a minimum deposit if $250 with your registered broker to enable you to get trading upon registration.

Option Robot has a highly responsive customer support services. Their customer care staff are available 24/7 to assist you with any issue you may want to be resolved.

Option Robot is Not a Scam: Works Just Like BinaryRobot365

Option Robot is one of the systems that can be considered an investor’s software. Everything about it from the trading system to the brokers as well as even the currency used is all under the investor’s control. The number of concurrent trade at any one time is limited to eight. The trade sizes are flexible with the minimum amount set at $20, the maximum being $500. The software comes highly recommended. Any user who wants to capitalize on binary options will find it incredible.

It is important to note that Option Robot mimics the workings of the BinaryRobot365 app. It works with the same indicators and also provides traders similar settings. To compare the Option Robot best settings with those of the BinaryRobot365 app, you can compare both software on two different accounts to see the better performer. You can also decide to use both software to potentiate trade results.

Option Robot Review: Legit or Scam? When it comes to binary options trading applications, there is no shortage of apps to choose from. As saturated as [...]

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