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Forex92 Review

An easy to adapt and quick method of making money in forex trading can’t be better than opening managed forex accounts. As a matter of fact, trading [...] Read Full Review

Cost: Free
Win rate: 87%

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High Return on Investment
Reputed Brokers
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High Return on Investment
Reputed Brokers
Professional Support


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Commodities, Currencies, Indices, Stocks
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Full Review

An easy to adapt and quick method of making money in forex trading can’t be better than opening managed forex accounts. As a matter of fact, trading forex successfully involves extensive trading experience and detailed market knowledge. However, this limitation can be dealt with the help of managed forex accounts. In this piece, we debrief how to open managed forex accounts and what purpose they are opened for. Before we go mentioning other details about managed forex accounts, we would like to give you an overview describing what is meant by managed forex account and how does it work?  

What Is Managed Forex Account?

An account opened with a view of generating a passive source of income by requesting fund managers to trade on your behalf is known as managed forex account. Investment in managed forex account usually comes from an individual financer who enjoys the full benefit of profit made in the account. Fund managers are entitled to receive a commission out of profits, or a fee in respect of management services provided by them.

How Does a Managed Forex Account Work?

As far as the working of a managed forex account is concerned, it is simple. Investors put their money into an account which is then handed over to fund managers to trade on investor’s behalf using their experience and expertise and bring them profit. Funds managers then follow an optimal trading plan by incorporating risk-averse trading strategies so that the safety of clients’ funds is not compromised. Be informed that fund managers are given a limited access to your funds, they can only access your funds for trading purposes. On the other hand, account holders have the right to place withdrawal requests or inject further capital.

Who Offers Managed Forex Accounts?

There are various investment management companies who offer managed forex accounts. However, a lot of them are nothing but fake. Therefore, you need to be very careful with your investment. Finding a reliable company offering managed forex accounts can be a tough process but is equally crucial for your funds' protection. Companies such as forex92 may turn out to be a good choice to start with since all such companies follow legit SOPs and are often regularized by various regulatory institutions.

What Is Forex92?

Forex92 is an asset management company offering asset and financial management services to its clients all around the world. The company started its operations back in 2014 and is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus. The company works with the world’s most trusted brokers which have been regulated by various regulatory bodies such as ASIC, CySEC and FCA. It has a team of expert forex traders and fund managers having years of experience in the forex world. The company offers consistent monthly returns on managed forex accounts.

Managed Forex Account Types Offered At Forex92

Forex92 offers three types of managed forex accounts at times including personal, business and crypto managed accounts. Let’s review each account type one by one.

Personal Managed Forex Account: The simplest form of managed forex account offered at forex92 is personal managed forex account. Users can get started by depositing $1000 only in this account. Return in personal managed account varies between 12.5% - 15% a month.

Business Managed Forex Account: Companies seeking investment opportunities in forex are offered business managed forex account at forex92 with a consistent monthly return of up to 25%. All other perks and benefits stay the same as that of the personal managed forex account.

Crypto Managed Account: Individuals wishing to invest in digital currencies can open a crypto managed account with the company. The minimum amount that needs to be deposited in the account is kept open by the company. However, a minimum of $5000 is suggested to get started. An ROI of 50% to 100% can be earned in a crypto managed account at forex92.

How To Open A Managed Forex Account With Forex92?

Clients wishing to open a managed forex account with the company need to follow some simple steps listed below.

1. Visit and select managed accounts services

2. Click the account type you wish to invest in such as individual, business or crypto

3. Select your favorite broker by selecting it from the drop-down menu which becomes available after inserting your basic details on the sign-up form at forex92

4. Deposit the required amount in your account as per your selected account type

5. Share the screenshot of your funded account with the company via online contact form available at forex92.

6. Sign a written contract with the company concerning the authorization of using clients’ MT4/MT5 login credentials and profit sharing ratio.

7. Share your login credentials with the company

That’s it.

Is Forex92 A Scam?

Forex92 is not a scam at all. It’s a legit company offering reliable funds management services to its clients for the past four years. Holding excellent trading history it keeps its clients updated concerning the latest trading results to maintain the element of trust and keep clients motivated. The company’s verifiable trading results can be crossed checked any time by visiting the company’s official website directly.

Customer Services

Forex92 offers excellent customer services to its customer round the clock. The company can be reached using multiple methods including telephone, email and live chat. Clients who prefer talking to the company’s representative over the telephone may call +357-25123308. Emails can also be sent to [email protected] Customers can also raise their concerns with the company using the live chat feature on a runtime basis.

Final Words

After a detailed review of the company, we hereby conclude that forex92 is one of the best investment management companies available around. The company works with trusted brokers of the world and offers consistent monthly returns. It offers low cost managed forex accounts and provided full customer support to its clients round the clock.

An easy to adapt and quick method of making money in forex trading can’t be better than opening managed forex accounts. As a matter of fact, trading [...]

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