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Binary Robot 365 Review

Binary Robot 365: Is it a Scam or Legit?Binary Robot 365 is a binary options trading robot that allows users to select their strategies by config [...] Read Full Review

Cost: Free
Win rate: 90%

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Mobile trading
Signals are reasonably accurate
Limited customer support


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Binary Robot 365: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Binary Robot 365 is a binary options trading robot that allows users to select their strategies by configuring the binary options trading strategy as well as indicators to get the maximum win-rate for their trades. The Binary Robot 365 bot is also equipped with stop-loss and risk management features to reduce investors’ losses. It works by way of system alerts. Using this app, users can set their losses by day so as to avoid drawdowns.  

Many reviews have already been published about this robot so let’s start with the most important question: is binary robot 365 a scam? 

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Is Binary Robot 365 a Scam? 

There is an ongoing debate about binary options and binary options robots, but one of the most important questions when a new trader is looking for a robot to trade is whether it’s a scam. There are many binary options scams out there and having had previous experience trading with binary robots, I can assure you that not all products deliver what they promise.

But binary robot 365 is not one of those products. We can certify this not only by personal use and experience but by the comments read about this robot. Binary options 365 offers you the opportunity to automatically trade several assets – and to win money while doing so. We can guarantee that this statement is correct.

Also, Binary Robot 365 is compatible with some of the best binary options brokers in the market. If a reputable broker lets a robot use their service then this means that you can also be assured about the performance.

Verified by experience, by general comments and by brokers, Binary Robot 365 is clearly not a scam. From the research done, as well, you can check this Binary Options 365 video that clearly confirms the performance:

What is Binary Robot 365?

But what is Binary Robot 365? This is a binary options robot that allows traders to automatically trade several financial assets. A robot is essentially a program that is used with several conditions attached to it that – under those conditions – allow traders to automatically place trades in the financial markets

Robots work, therefore, automatically but can be turned on and off according to the wishes of the trader. But one thing is common to all these systems: they allow traders to pre-determine when they want to trade and with what settings/strategies to execute these trades.

A robot includes, therefore, several settings that can be added or not to create a trading strategy. These settings determine that performance of a robot. Without adequate settings and strategies, trades in financial markets will never be efficient.

Binary Robot 365 is one such system – but unlike so many other robots in the market it’s very efficient. The trick is simple: it uses efficient trading strategies and these strategies are really well made into an algorithmic code.

These algorithms allow traders to choose different systems and trade efficiently.

Binary Robot 365: a Legit System

Binary Robot 365 software is incredibly simple for beginners; they only need to open an account, select "AutoTrade", and the system will start working right away. This is made possible by the automatic trading feature which places trades for users in their accounts. It lets them trade around the clock without having to download or install any application.

The bot works with many different reputable brokers. You can pick an agent from the drop-down menu after you have signed up to the platform. Binary Robot 365 is compatible with brokers such as BinaryTilt, Banc de Binary, TorOption, PlusOption,, StockPair,, EmpireOption, Wynn Finance, tradorax, and OptionRally. This practically means that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting what broker to trade with.

Also, Binary Robot 365 has some of the best indicators you will find around. The system is compatible with six indicators including:

• Trend Indicator

• Williams Indicator

• MACD Indicator

• RSI Indicator

• CCI Indicator

• Stoch Indicator

Users can create their strategies using the indicators mentioned above. Binary Robot 365 gives investors full control of their account, the risk-reward ratio as well as plan for placing automatic trades. With them, binary options trading is easy and fun. On top of that, the system is highly customizable.

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How Binary Robot 365 Works

Binary Robot 365 works through a simple auto-pilot mechanism that functions by affecting trades on behalf of investors. It emphasises a well-developed computer program that spots opportunities in the binary market based on some stipulated rules. The system further performs trades concerning the opportunities identified, all in a matter of seconds.

Trades are only carried out with the permission of a trader. This means that you need to set the parameters required in executing an order manually. You can do this through some navigation buttons which include:

Trade Setting. This setting allows you to configure your preferred trade size. You can also specify the number of orders that can be performed within in a single day. Recommendable is to execute each trade being aware of what happened in the previous trade.

Asset Button. The asset button lets you choose the pair of assets that can be traded. All assets are categorised into four groups: stocks, currency pairs, special commodities, and indices.

Risk-Management Systems: there are three types of risk-management systems that can be used. Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci. All these risk-management methods allow you to place more or less risk into a particular trade. A good trader, first of all, thinks about his loses and these money management systems are really important to help trade.

  • Classic system will allow you to place trades with pre-determined stop loss. Fixed stop losses are important for all those that start to trade. They allow you to control the risk that is involved in trading and, therefore, allow you to control how much you want to lose.  
  • Martingale systems allow you to double the risk every time you win a trade. This system should be used by experienced traders and with caution. 
  • Fibonacci systems place stop losses at relevant levels. Fibonacci levels are recognised by all experienced traders to be levels at which price will either make a reversal or continue in the same direction. So these levels are really important. If a price moves towards a Fibonacci number then it means you were clearly unsuccessful in that particular trade. 

After you are done setting your preferred parameters, the software goes ahead and trades on your behalf. You need not worry so much about accuracy as the entire process is done through a system referred to as back-testing. This involves the use of historical data to predict future trades.

Before an order or strategy is executed, a test is carried out based on real trading events that took place in the past. The entire process is done through a report that analyzes how a strategy would have performed in the past with current market conditions. It is this line of action that provides insight on potential opportunities in the present market.

Types of Assets Traded

Automated binary options trading applications have become a buoyant trading instrument in today’s world. Binary Robot 365 seeks to take advantage of this by trading some of the most various assets of any platform. Binary Robot 365 trades many assets, all of which fall under four categories: stocks, currency pairs, special commodities, and indices.

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How to Get Started

Signing up with Binary Robot 365 is quite easy and straightforward. You will be required to access the application through the official site at and open an account. Next, you identify a legitimate broker and deposit you’re your initial investment ($250). Then turn on your auto-trader at the click of a button to begin trading.


Opening an account with Binary Robot 365 is free and takes less than a minute. The only payment you will be required to make is a minimum deposit of $250, which is done to enable you to trade. 


Many scam robots claim to have a fixed win-rate. However this can never be something that should be taken as a given. Robot 365 claims to have a 80% win-rate and this is certainly the case. The results will always vary of course. We cannot say that if a trader negotiates EUR/USD and another trader negotiates GBP/JPY they will have the same results. The latter pair will, of course, be a bit more volatile so there would be more potential pips of profit. But one thing is for sure – Binary Robot 365 is one of the most efficient binary options robots in the market.

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Customer Support

In case of any technical queries, you have the option of seeking support from Binary Robot 365’s customer staff. They provide multi-lingual customer care service. You can reach them via email at [email protected]

Conclusion: Is Binary Robot 365 a Scam? NO!

The trick behind Binary Robot 365 is the trick behind any efficient and profitable trading system: having effective systems to trade different market conditions - and develop algorithms that reflect these conditions. A robot is profitable if these two things are done correctly and in the case of Binary Robot 365 they are.

Binary Robot 365 as a platform is safe and secure. It guarantees a successful undertaking at a minimum risk of investment. They also provide an extensive educational facility to ensure that traders who aren’t well versed with binary investment are not left behind. They do their utmost to make sure that newbies progress independently.

Binary Robot 365: Is it a Scam or Legit?Binary Robot 365 is a binary options trading robot that allows users to select their strategies by config [...]

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