What are your trading results like? Are you oscillating between success and failure in your binary option trading? Would you like free Binary options robots that would help you trade successfully? Do you want to literally make money while you sleep?

Binary options robots offer a way out for traders who want consistently profitable trading. If you are unsure of which trading strategies to use in your trading, you may want to consider using Binary options robots. Binary options robots help you to take the guesswork out of trading. If you want a more consistent approach to trading, then trading robots are the answer.

The problem most people face when trying to use binary options is the cost of subscription. For a new trader, it can be difficult investing extra money to get the services of a robot especially when you would also have to find capital for trading.

If you do not have extra funds to commit to purchasing a robot, then do not fear. This article would point you to free binary options robots that you can use to trade profitably.

A binary option robot is software that has been programmed to make automatic trades. The robots are designed with proprietary algorithms that it uses in determining which trades to make. The robot is rule based and as such does not make the mistake that human traders make, falling in love with a position and not exiting when needed.

Binary options robots offer consistent high returns for binary option traders. They can often be integrated with the trading platform and all the trader has to do is set up and deploy the robot. The trader can then relax and monitor the performance of the robot while watching the profits rolling in.

The robot uses its algorithm to search for trading opportunities and it also executes the trades. Binary options robots have a huge advantage over human traders. In fact, most elite traders develop their own robots to trade according to a set of rules instead of applying manual discretion in selecting trades.

Most Binary options robots come with a free version and a paid version. The free version is usually a trial version with fewer features. As a trader, you should first test with this free version if possible with a demo account. If you are satisfied with the performance, you can now upgrade to the paid or VIP version.

There are many binary options robots that claim to help you make profits with an automated trading strategy. It is not possible for any individual trader to test them all. As a result, we have written a list of the top free binary options trading robots available.

One great benefit of using trading robots is the discipline in trading. Whereas a human trader would refuse to enter into certain trades because he or she is afraid of losing (even though the market situation conforms to the entry rules in the trading strategy), a robot would execute the strategy with mechanical precision. The use of binary options robots allows the trader eschew fear or greed and adhere to a winning strategy regardless of the market conditions.

Furthermore, free binary options robots execute the trading as soon as the signal is generated. Most traders subscribe to a binary option signal service provider but the disadvantage tends to come from the latency that occurs between when the signal is received and when the trading is executed. In trading, time is of the essence as market conditions change. Entry or exit at wrong times can lead to major losses. With Binary options robots, such is avoided as the signal and the execution are done simultaneously.

Another advantage is that the robot allows you to diversify your trading by trading a variety of trading styles and strategies: risky or risk averse, currencies or commodities. Diversification enables your trading to be both profitable and consistent.

Some signal service can give you a high win rate today but once several people start using this strategy, the strategy becomes outdated and the win rate collapses. By diversifying your strategy through the use of trading robots, you would be able to get high returns on a consistent basis without the fear of one strategy becoming ineffective.

However, considering the benefits traders can get from Binary options robots, a lot of top providers charge top dollar for you to get access. In our research to find a way out for new traders who do not have enough money to pay for the pricier services, we have found a few top binary option robot providers who provide free access to their excellent services.


QBits: QBits is an automated trading solution for binary options traders. This service is very beginner friendly as you would not have to pay any subscription fees. In order to use this service, all you need is your trading capital. With a profitability of over 80%, this free service is a great deal for binary options traders who want to take their trading to a greater level.

Binadroid: The name Binadroid (an amalgam of Binary and Android) shows that this service is a binary option robot. When you check out the service and see the high win rates gotten from their automated trading service (over 90%), you may be wondering if you would need to pay a huge sum to get access to the service. However, you have an opportunity to use Binadroid If you make a deposit with one of their partner brokers. This is a great deal since you would have made the deposit anyway for use as your trading capital.

Virtnext: If you want a free binary option robot, then consider Virtnext’s trading robot service that allows automatic and instant trading with an algorithm that has historically generated in-the-money win rates of 80% and above. Normally, you would have to pay a substantial amount for a program with such high success rate but Virtnext provides a free option for you to test their service. You can always upgrade to the paid option with the profits you have made. Your only out of pocket expense would be your trading capital.

Binary Replicator: Binary Replicator is a platform that offers a variety of trading robots. In other words, you would be able to get access to several trading robots which are usually ranked according to win rate and return on investment. These services are often termed copy trading but with most of the service providers offering automated trading, they are trading robots. If you want variety so you can make comparison between several binary options providers, then binary replicator is a great option. There is no cost for you to test or use binary replicator. All you have to do is open and fund an account with CT Options, providers of the Binary Replicator service.

Algobit: Algobit offers a chance to benefit from a well researched algorithmic binary options trading strategy. Developed by Option Bit, a Cyprus based binary options broker, Algobit is a binary option robot that offers a robust algorithm utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to find profitable trading opportunities in the markets. The best part of the service is that it is free to use. Once, you have raised the necessary capital for trading, you register with Option Bit and you can instantly start using Option Bit for free. Like Binary Replicator, offers access to a variety of trading services offering binary options robots and signals. is largely free to use. Although some of the providers on the site demand a service, there are a lot of quality providers who give free access to their trading robots on the condition that you open and fund a trading account with a recommended broker. It is important that you use the leader board to sort out and find profitable trading robots that are free (that is, they have no upfront cost).

As you trade binary options, endeavor to do your own due diligence in order to ensure that you choose services and brokers that are in tune with your trading goals.

As you now know, it is very possible to gain access to top quality binary options robot services and super charge the profitability of your trading. If you do not yet have the money to invest for paid options, simply sign up with one of the free providers above. The only cost to you would be a restriction in the brokers you can use as you would have to make your trading deposit with a broker recommended by the robot provider. Aside from that, the service is essentially free.

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